My three level reports are limited to 100 Rows.

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Version:    3.0
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Published date:    02/08/2010
Updated:    02/11/2011

Problem Description

Why does my exported report (PDF or CSV) only include 100 sites per category?

Why do the totals, on the Graphical User Interface of the same report, show 135 sites per category, but when you count the rows it's only 100.

The three level CSV report only shows 100 rows of sites, but prior to export, the User Interface showed it only at 135 rows.

Can I increase the limit of 100 rows per filtering category on two or three level reports?


Reporter restricts all two and three level reports to 100 rows each per applied filter.

Below is an example of what you might see, but any two or three level report would show similar symptoms.

1) Go "View Reports" > "Reports" > "User Behavior" > "Web Browsing per User and Category"

2) Click "Report Options," set the following criteria and Apply.
Filter By:
Date is All Dates
User is "<pick your user>"
Category is "Web Advertisements"

Summarize By:
User   Display 1 rows per page
Category  Display 10 Categories per User
Site   Display 100 Sites per Category

3) Click Download > Format (either PDF / CSV) > Report Data "All Rows" > Download

RESULT: On most databases, you will have more than 100 sites that are classified as "Web Advertisements," so here we'll see that the Graphical User interface shows shows more than 100 Total Sites for "Web Advertisements" category, but when we export the same report  we only see 100 entries.

NOTE 1: On most reports, such as this "Web Advertisements" example, the page views and browse time of any site close to the 100 row mark is zero, which is why the Reporter software does not display more than 100 rows any two or three level report.  

NOTE 2: Currently there is no way to change this to allow for more than 100 rows.

WORKAROUND: If users want to see more rows of data than the limit of 100, we suggest they run a single level report such as the "Site" report.  Using the above example, a Site report that is filtered on the category of "Web Advertisements" would show you all the sites that have this data.

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