Applying Button feature in Coaching Page, Exception Page , Notify User.

Solutions ID:    KB3695
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/10/2010

Problem Description

You wish to use button instead of the hyperlink use in Technical Brief - Creating a Coaching Policy



As an example, in the Coaching Policy template says “If you have a legitimate reason to access this site please click here”.

The word 'here' is a hyperlink represented by the HTML script below:

<A HREF="$(url)?blue"> here </A>


To apply a button feature , replace the above HTML script with the below script:

<form action="$(exception.details)" method="post">
<input type=submit value="here" onclick="Accept()" >


Note: You can change the button name to other names by changing 'here' from the value="here".

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