Allowing a single YouTube video through a ProxySG

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Version:    1.0
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Published date:    03/01/2010

Problem Description

How do I allow a single YouTube video through my ProxySG?
My company does not allow YouTube or streaming media.  However, there is one video we want our users to view.  How do I allow that one video through while denying all other YouTube content?


The ProxySG can be configured to allow a single YouTube video to pass through the proxy while blocking all other YouTube content.  This policy can be created and placed into the local policy file.  For information on how to install the CPL policy into the local policy file, please see KB3495 for information on how to install policy into the local policy file.  The following example YouTube video is a Blue Coat corporate video located at

Install the following policy into the local policy file (see KB3495 for details):

url.domain=// allow
url.domain=// allow
url.substring=snkEXxCwpMA allow

When used in conjunction with an existing deny rule either in local or visual policy, the above configuration will allow access to the Blue Coat corporate video in the example above.  When working with the video you want passed through your proxy, be sure to copy the section from the URL after "/watch?v=" and paste into the above substring section.

In some cases, a YouTube video is embedded within another URL.  Assuming the other URL is allowed by policy, but the video is denied based on your YouTube or streaming video deny rule, we can edit the above local policy slightly to allow the embedded video:

url.domain=// allow
url.domain=// allow
url.substring=kioiUPBgOOM allow
url.substring=crossdomain.xml allow

Note the additional line allowing 'crossdomain.xml'.  This is used to allow the video to play from a domain other than


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