Using the Reporter User interface to change my LDAP password.

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Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/02/2010
Updated:    04/02/2010

Problem Description

The reporter User Interface offers users an option to change their password.  Can I use this to change the password of my LDAP authenticated connection?

Can I change my LDAP password with the Bluecoat Reporter User interface?

I am seeing this prompt on my screen when I log into

" In order to view reports in Reporter, your system administrator must setup a database for you to have access to. Please see your administrator"

Here's a screen shot of the same thing:


What does it mean?


While the Reporter User interface does offer users the option to change their password, this option is only meant for local users, and you cannot change your LDAP password.  The reason being is that the Reporter design team never expected more than Search and browse rights to look for groups, and users, on  the backend LDAP tree. 

What does this message mean?

If you have logged in using the LDAP Active Directory tree credentials and receive this message, it's because your Administrator has chosen a LDAP group that you are not a member of.  Using this article to troubleshoot which group you are in, or ask you LDAP administrator to assign you to the right group - FAQ383

NOTE: If you haven't setup up your LDAP connection, use this article for details on how-    KB3353

NOTE: For more information on a common miss-conceptoin about groups in Reporter, see FAQ781


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