Kaspersky Engine error code: 0x00080003

Solutions ID:    KB3764
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/09/2010

Problem Description

AVOS with Kaspersky AV engine

The ProxyAV logged an error while scanning following file. The error is as follows: 

"Kaspersky Engine error code: 0x00080003 with icap response code 500 error".
URL: ""

When try to get the file from the browser, AV returns error message to the client via the ProxySG after a few seconds.


This file was a self-extracdting Excel file.  This is a normal file.  Kaspersky fixed this issue in their v8 AV engine. The problem is resolved in AVOS or later.  The AVOS uses the Kaspersky v8 search engine.  You can download the latest version of ProxyAV operating system at .  Please note that you will need a valid BTO login in order to obtain the download.  Please search the Knowledgebase for BTO login if you are not familiar with a BTO login.

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