What type of authentication Realm ( LDAP, or IWA) is supported by Reporter?

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Version:    3.0
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Published date:    05/20/2010
Updated:    05/20/2010

Problem Description

Does Reporter support using a  IWA authentication Realm?

Does Reporter support a LDAP authentication Realm?

Can I configure my SG to use a IWA authentication Realm, while my Reporter server used a LDAP authentication Realm?


  1. Reporter only uses a local user list, or the LDAP protocol to authenticate it's users.  It does not support the IWA authentication methodologies. 
  2. You can configure your SG to use a a IWA realm, as long the access log  it sends to Reporter conforms to these Reporter specifications as per these articles:
  • For a list of the proper access log fields, see FAQ282
  • For a list of the user id syntax fields, Reporter supports, see KB3570 

In this configuration, Bluecoat recomends that you use the same authentication source ( Active Directory, e-Directory, or a third party LDAP compatible source) for both Reporter, and youy SG appliance(s).   To ensure consistancy, it is also advisable for you to use the same Base DN on both.

NOTE1: To set your default username syntax on a per database, basis, see KB3803

NOTE2: To configure an LDAP  realm, in Reporter,  follow the instructions in this article KB3353

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