How do the "reports to", "self" , and "Live Group" filter criteria match users you in your database?

Solutions ID:    KB3803
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/20/2010

Problem Description

When I configure my role for the "self" filter criteria, I see no data upon logging in to Reporter.

When I configure my role for the "Reports to" filter criteria, I see no data upon logging in to Reporter.

How do I get my user ids, used to login to Reporter via LDAP, to match the same user Ids that my SG is injecting to the access logs that it sends to Reporter?


The SG can send access logs to Reporter that contain Usernames with this syntax:

  • Login name. Example: ellen.ripley
  • Domain name\user. Example: EX-LV426\ellen.ripley
  • LDAP fully qualified domain name (FQDN). Example: "cn=ellen.ripley,ou=users,dc=bravo,dc=examplecorp,dc=com"

For any of the above features to work, the default ProxySG access log and Reporter settings need to have matching syntax for their login names.

To align the ProxySG username format with the Reporter configuration, perform the following steps:

  • Login to the reporter with your admin user id.
  • Navigate to the administration section of the User interface.
  • Select General Settings > Reporter Settings > Data Settings > Databases.
  • Select the Action drop-down list and select Set Other Options.
  • In the Username Log Settings area, select the matching format 
  • Click Save.


NOTE1: For a list of all the user user ids, found in the access logs, that Reporter supports, see KB3570

NOTE2: For a list of all the proper fields you should have in your access log, see FAQ282

NOTE3: For details on how to setup a LDAP realm on Reporter, see KB3353


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