Unknown transceiver when running SP-GB-ELX-CNFH with PacketWise versions lower than 8.5.4

Solutions ID:    KB3833
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/22/2010

Problem Description

Blue Coat is introducing a new transceiver from Source Photonics
The model is SP-GB-ELX-CNFH
The transceiver will show up as unknown if running PacketWise versions prior to 8.5.4.


If you received a new transceiver and the model is SP-GB-ELX-CNFH and you receive an error that the transceiver is "unknown", please check the version of PacketWise that you are running.  If you are not running PacketWise 8.5.4 or later, then please upgrade.  You can download the latest version of PacketShaper OS from .  NOTE:  You will need a BTO login in order to download the new image.  Please search the knowledge base for "bto login" if you are unsure about how to obtain a BTO login.

This issue is similar in nature to the problem described in KB2704.

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