New RMAed hard disk causes PacketShaper to go into reboot loop.

Solutions ID:    KB3858
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/02/2010
Updated:    10/01/2010

Problem Description

After installing a new replacement hard disk, the PacketShaper goes into a reboot loop. This might happen on any PacketShaper model.


1. During bootup, press Ctrl-Y to go into Boot Monitor mode. 

2. Select J to perform a hardware reset. The PacketShaper will reboot, and a new menu will be displayed.

3. Select C to mount the disk. (Reboot and return to Boot Monitor Hard Disk mounted for maintenance). The PacketShaper will reboot again and come back into Boot Monitor mode.

4. Select H to reformat the hard disk. 

5. Once the disk is formatted, select J again to perform a hardware reset.

5. This time, select option A (Reboot and load PacketWise) and the PacketShaper will load without looping.


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