How do I adjust the HTTP server receive timeout for one site?

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Published date:    07/09/2010

Problem Description

How do I adjust the HTTP server receive timeout for one site?
A web based application can take a long time (45 to 60 minutes) to return a result once a user submits a query.
The proxy will timeout the connection before the result comes back.
How do I resolve the issue?


The HTTP server receive timeout can be increased for a desired amount of time for a particular web site.  The receive timeout is set in seconds.  This can be placed into the local policy file.  For information on how to add policy to the local policy file, please see KB3495.  Here are some examples of how you can use this:

    url.domain="" http.server.recv.timeout(3600)

    url.address= http.server.recv.timeout(3600)


In the examples above, the http server receive timeout is set to one hour.


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