CPU Monitor is high in 'Policy Evaluation - HTTP' despite low traffic load

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Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/13/2010

Problem Description

CPU Monitor is high in 'Policy Evaluation - HTTP', and particularly in 'util'. Browsing through the proxy has become slow and unresponsive as a result, despite a relatively low traffic load.


This issue is caused by a complex software bug in the authentication component of SGOS, which is fixed in the following versions:
- (for 5.4.x branch)
- (for 5.5.x branch)


1. The above symptoms will most commonly occur in affected versions of software if the ProxySG's policy includes statements of the type:
define condition <condition-name>

2. On multi-CPU platforms, high CPU may only be seen on CPU 0. For example:
CPU 0                                                100%
     Policy evaluation - HTTP             85%
          util                                               82%
          policy_enforcement                   2%
     HTTP and FTP                                 9%
          kernel_gcc                                   3%
          http                                                1%
          kernel                                           1%
     Object Store                                     3%
          ce_admin                                    2%
     Miscellaneous                                 1%
CPU 1                                                  16%
     Policy evaluation - HTTP               7%
          util                                                2%
          policy_enforcement                  2%
     TCPIP                                               4%
          tcpip                                             3%
     HTTP and FTP                                2%
          kernel_gcc                                  1%


3. Other associated symptoms will frequently include a relatively high value for the 'AUTH_MEM1' statistic (/sysinfo, /sysinfo-stats, /Auth/memory):
AUTH_MEM1           542,754

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