How to display the exact category for the URL being blocked in the policy

Solutions ID:    KB3901
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/19/2010
Updated:    10/14/2010

Problem Description

By default the exception page only displays one / all categories the URL belongs to on the exception page if using the code as per below  :

$(category) - ONE category

$(cs-categories) - All the categories the URL belongs to

For example: is categorized as Humor/Jokes and Audio/Video Clips.

When there is a rule in Visual Policy Manager that block the Audio/Video Clips, user access to site, the exception page display will be as follow:

If $(category) is used in exception page, the category displayed will be Humor/Jokes only.

If $(cs-categories) is used in exception page, the categories displayed will be Humor/Jokes and Audio/Video Clips.


To display the exact category that that being used in the policy, change the above code in the exception page to the following:


For example above,

If $(x-exception-category) is used in exception page, the categories displayed will be  Audio/Video Clips which is the blacklisted category in policy.

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