PacketShaper crashed and rebooted on "NMI/HwWatchdog" on PS1400 and PS10000 (RevG & higher)

Solutions ID:    KB3914
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/26/2010
Updated:    09/20/2012

Problem Description

PacketShaper reboots unexpectedly. In the crash log, the following entry could be seen in the near last line of the crash trace:



Upgrading to PacketWise v8.5.6 or higher will help prevent this NMI crash.  For further information, please see the PacketWise v8.5.6 release notes found at .  NOTE:  BTO credentials are required. If you are unsure if you have BTO credentials, search the KB for "bto credentials."

From PacketWise v8.5.6 Release Notes:

PacketWise 8.5.6 improves hardware watchdog restart issues that occasionally occur on PacketShaper 10000 and PacketShaper 1400 models; an error notification mechanism has been incorporated to provide an alert when the issue is encountered. [SR 2-317363152, 2-356609992, 2-358610842; B#146446]


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