Failed to display a VPM GUI interface from a VPM Overlay Settings on Director. It comes out with the “Edit CLI” screen.

Solutions ID:    KB3964
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/16/2010

Problem Description

1. Director failed to display a VPM GUI when clicking on the VPM Overlay Settings Edit button.
2. It comes out with the “Edit CLI” screen but not the VPM GUI :-
3. From the Progress Dialog, you will notice that it shows "Fetching the applets.jar file. This could take a while"



1. The ports on 8082 and 8085 are used by Director as follows:-

  • Director Management Console to Web browser on 8085 (download the JNLP application)
  • Director Management Console to ProxySG on 8082 (for statistics only)
  • Director Management Console to Director on 8082 (for Java WebStart launch)
  • Director appliance to ProxySG on 8082 (getting updated Java Archive (.jar) files after a ProxySG upgrade)

2. Please make sure the access from the client on these two ports are not being blocked. Once the access on ports 8082/8085 is allowed, you should be able to access to the VPM GUI.

3. Please refer to the KB3457 which explains the ports Director uses. 


Please see the following screen shots for reference.  This is the screen shot for Symptom #1


Here is the screen shot for symptom #2


Here is the screen shot for symptom #3.

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