What ProxySG configuration is not backed up when performing configuration backup through Director's Backup Manager?

Solutions ID:    KB4067
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    09/28/2010
Updated:    09/20/2013

Problem Description

I recently restored a ProxySG configuration from the Director for a ProxySG that was remanufactured and found that the interface information was not restored, particularly the option to reject-inbound enable on the outside interface was missing.  Am I correct in assuming that Director does not restore interface settings?


Device backup manager in Director will back up ProxySG appliance configuration settings except those listed below.

1. Any show configuration command that begins with the following string is not included in the backup:

a. ip-default-gateway
b. interface (the entire submode)
c. line-vty (the entire submode)

2. Director does not backup any of the following ProxySG features:

a. Content filtering database (although passwords are backed up)
b. Access logs
c. Event log
d. Licenses
e. Private key and certificate, unless they were configured using the show keypair command
f. The SGOS image itself

Hence, the ProxySG configuration will not restore any interface setting to ProxySG as the director does not backup this setting at the first place.

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