What log files are required to troubleshoot IntelligenceCenter v3.1 manually?

Solutions ID:    KB4142
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/25/2010
Updated:    01/08/2013

Problem Description

If you are unable to run the batch file to create the log files automatically, please collect the log files manually for troubleshooting.


1) Compulsory files, please run the following command in DOS prompt

a. System Info:-
  systeminfo > <Drive>:\BlueCoat\IntelligenceCenter\devicelogs\systeminfo.txt
b. Group Policy Results:-
  gpresult.exe > <Drive>:\BlueCoat\IntelligenceCenter\devicelogs\gpresult.txt

c. Tasklist:-
  tasklist > <Drive>:\BlueCoat\IntelligenceCenter\devicelogs\tasklist.txt
d. Services:-
   sc query > <Drive>:\BlueCoat\IntelligenceCenter\devicelogs\sc.txt

2) Installation Issues

a. %TEMP%/collector_installer.out (or in %TMP% dir) file.
b. %TEMP%/pvinstall.output (or in %TMP% dir) file.
c  %TEMP%/install-postgresql.log (or in %TMP% dir) file.
d. %PG_DATA%/coll_db_config.txt file.

Note: %TEMP% = <Drive>:/TEMP or <Drive>:/TMP
   %PG_DATA% = <Drive>:/BlueCoat/PostgreSQL/8.4/data/
3) Post installation IC/DC functionality Issues

a. <Drive>:/BlueCoat/IntelligenceCenter/logs
b. <Drive>:/BlueCoat/DataCollector/logs
c. <Drive>:/PostgreSQL/8.2/data/pg_log

Please zip the folders/files and upload the files to the Service Request at


The specific instructions on uploading files to BlueCoat can be found at the following KB4184 Article

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