ProxyAV 2400 is reporting critical status for many hardware components after upgrading to

Solutions ID:    KB4174
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/17/2010
Updated:    09/26/2012

Problem Description

Shortly after upgrading to ProxyAV OS on the AV2400, some hardware components such as CPU temperature, CPU voltage are reporting 0s or critical.  Although the appliance health is in a critical state, it continues to process and scan traffic.

Update: We have confirmed that this issue affects AV1200s, AV1400s and AV2400s.  Also and type of reboot of the AV (after upgrading, manual reboot or crash) can possibly trigger this issue.


Bug 148440 has been opened to investigate this issue.  The current fix for this issue is to do a soft reboot (found in the Utilities section of the management console) on the ProxyAV.

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