SG boots but it cannot be accessed via Telnet, SSH, HTTPS or HTTP

Solutions ID:    KB4257
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/19/2011
Updated:    01/25/2011

Problem Description

Packet trace shows that connection is reset (RST).

"Show advanced /TCP/Connections" command from the CLI shows that SSH, HTTPS console and HTTP console are not listening. All are enabled.  If you try to disable and then re-enable then you get the following output:

% Could not create SSL context : SSL initialization failed.
% Error initializing secure connections

A replacement ProxySG was sent to the proxy administrator
The hard drives from the old ProxySG were removed and inserted into the new ProxySG so the configuration could be saved.


This is caused by the NVRAM password of the new proxy not being able to read the public keyring since it is encrypted by the password stored in NVRAM of the other proxy.

The proxy administrator received a replacement proxy and inserted the drives from the old proxy into the replacement proxy.  The solution is to use the new disks which came with the replacement ProxySG and then restore the configuration from backup.


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