Various resources for troubleshooting high CPU or performance issues on a ProxySG

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Published date:    01/24/2011
Updated:    02/18/2011

Problem Description

Various resources for troubleshooting high CPU or performance issues on a ProxySG


This document helps you know what items you need to send to Blue Coat Technical Support for analysis.  It also describes some common performance issues and what can be used to identify and remedy those issues.  Please take a few minutes to review what is available.


Information to gather for Blue Coat Technical Support regarding performance issues:


Issue Article number
How to create low interval snapshots? KB3795
Setting up CPU monitor KB3605
Creating a snapshot that records CPU monitor info FAQ475
How do I enable a full core on the ProxySG? KB3178
How do I force a full core? KB3800
How do I save a capture file in a full core? KB3842
What do the restart codes 0x6001A and 0x60019 mean? FAQ455
How do I create a rolling packet capture? KB3406
How do I upload files to Blue Coat Technical Support? KB4184
What are the different files required by Blue Coat technical support and when to upload them? FAQ981


High CPU issues and accompanying resolutions.  ProxyAV best practices


Issue Article number
High CPU in Misc, BCWF and access log issues KB3639
High CPU with Websense RTU/RTSU (real-time updates) enabled FAQ867
Various ProxySG high CPU causes and solutions KB3894
ProxyAV Best Practice Guide KB1548


 Networking issues or website issues


Issue Article number
Web pages load slowly (RFC 1323) KB3754
ProxySG will reset a connection if the client reuses the same source port in a short period of time (2MSL adjustment) KB2971
Network error (503 error) when running applications through a ProxySG KB3731
Web sites slow to display due to IPv6 DNS queries in SGOS 5.5.x.x KB3898
Web site or video loads slowly / Remote host does not have DNS name (RDNS) KB4278
Policy Deny when a user logs in or comes back after a period of time away from their PC when running new versions of Windows OS FAQ873
Troubleshooting Web Sites FAQ907


 Hardware issues


Issue Article number
Replacing Disk 1 on your ProxySG without loosing your configuration KB2939
How to reinitialize a ProxySG with a single disk system (default SSL keys only) KB2881
Reinitializing drives on a multi-disk ProxySG KB2883


Archiving a ProxySG configuration, moving it to another system, upgrading SGOS.


Issue Article number
Where can I download different versions of SGOS? KB3610
What are the upgrade procedures to update the SGOS firmware or operating system on my ProxySG? KB3608
Can I archive the configuration of my ProxySG? KB3617
How to modify and prepare an archived configuration for import onto another ProxySG KB3036
Restoring the configuration using the GUI KB3037
Restoring the ProxySG system configuration from an FTP Archive via the CLI KB1914
Preserving encrypted passwords during configuration archive and restore KB2880
Copying or moving a keyring from one ProxySG to another KB1486




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