I want to correct download behavior for exe and msi by Reporter 9.

Solutions ID:    KB4268
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/31/2011

Problem Description

When user downloads .exe or .msi files, Reporter indicates the content as application/octet-stream.

The only way to achieve your request is the access log override function.



Reporter indicate EXE or MSI in content type column of Reporter Management Console.

1. Launch the VPM. In the Management Console, select:
  Configuration > Policy > Visual Policy Manager> Launch
2. Add a Web Access Layer from Menu > Policy (or work from an existing Web Access Layer).
3. Right-click the Destination column and select Set > New > File Extensions.
4. In the dialog, select exe.
5. Right-click the Action column and select Set > New >Override Access Log Field.
6. Define the following items:
  Log name: main
  Field Name: rs(Content-Type)
  Rewrite value to: exe
6. Click Install Policy.

You cannot use the VPM, only CPL.

1. In the Management Console, select Configuration > Policy > Policy Files > Visual Policy Files.
2. From the Install VPM-CPL From drop-down, select Text Editor; click Install.
3. Copy and paste the following:

define condition exe
end condition exe

define condition msi
end condition msi

;; Tab: [web_access_layer_exe_and_msi]
    condition=exe log.rewrite."rs(Content-Type)"[main]("exe") log.suppress."rs(Content-Type)"[main](no)     ; Rule 1
    condition=msi log.rewrite."rs(Content-Type)"[main]("msi") log.suppress."rs(Content-Type)"[main](no)     ; Rule 2

4. Click Install.
5. Verify in Reporter 9: You can see download behavior as Exe and MSI in Content Type column.

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