Proxy SG300 and SG600 report unsupported configuration.

Solutions ID:    KB4321
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/11/2011
Updated:    03/11/2011

Problem Description

When checking sysinfo, you will see unsupported config due to processor reporting as seen below. This is not on the -20 or above.

Hardware Information
URL_Path /Diagnostics/Hardware/Info
Hardware Information
Model: 600-10 (unsupported configuration)   or   Model: 300-10 (unsupported configuration)
RAM: 4096 MB
            DIMM 1: 2048 MB SDRAM DDR2
            DIMM 2: 2048 MB SDRAM DDR2
Number of CPUs: 1
CPU frequency: 1600 MHz (expecting between 1250 MHz - 1350 MHz)
Bus speed: 200 MHz
Storage: 1 drive
            Disk in slot 1: 250 GB (SEAGATE ST9250410AS, rev:0002SDM1, serial:5VG5DQZY)
            Disk in slot 2: empty
            Interface 0:0: Broadcom Gigabit  with no link  (MAC 00:d0:83:05:81:65)
            Interface 1:0: Broadcom Gigabit  running at 100 Mbps full duplex (MAC 00:d0:83:05:81:66)
            Interface 1:1: Broadcom Gigabit  running at 100 Mbps full duplex (MAC 00:d0:83:05:81:67)
            Internal: Cavium Nitrox-Lite Security Processor



This false warning is due to a licensing issue that is being worked on at this time.  There is no hardware failure or degradation as this is only a mis reporting of the CPU speed. The CPU is actually a 1600mhz and is working as such.  There is not ETA for a fix at this time.

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