CacheFlow 5000 Graphical User Interface is not displayed properly

Solutions ID:    KB4342
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/24/2011
Updated:    03/24/2011

Problem Description

Under rare conditions the CacheFlow 5000 Graphical User Interface (GUI) might not display correctly when accessed.  This can manifest in a few different ways:

• An empty page is displayed after logging in.
• A "404 Page Not Found" HTTP error is displayed after logging in.
• The user interface is partially displayed after logging in.


In most cases the issue can be resolved by issuing the following directive at the enable prompt:


Should the above not resolve the issue you are experiencing, please contact Blue Coat Technical Support and, while the appliance is still in this state, send the appliance’s diagnostic information to Blue Coat using the following CLI command:


NOTE:  In some cases, a reboot of the CacheFlow 5000 can resolve the graphical user interface not being displayed properly and may be recommended if the issue cannot be resolved using the reset-ui command.

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