Why is the CacheFLow GUI Requests tab empty

Solutions ID:    KB4404
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/03/2011
Updated:    05/06/2011

Problem Description

In CacheFlow software versions and below, the Requests tab in the CacheFlow GUI displays no results even after the refresh button is selected.


In CacheFlow software versions and earlier, the diagnostic access log data is used to populate the Requests tab.  The diagnostic access log's primary use is for uploading diagnostic log information to Blue Coat for troubleshooting and analysis.  To address temporary Blue Coat limitations on the amount of data that can be uploaded, logging and uploading of the diagnostic logs to Blue Coat was disabled on April 8, 2011.  The end result is that the diagnostic log on the CacheFlow appliance is no longer populated and there are therefore not requests recorded in the log that can be displayed in the GUI.

Also note that the Requests tab requires that the "main" access log uses an ELFF format.  If you use a squid or custom format for your "main" log, you can use https://<CacheFlow IP Address:8082>/accesslog/tail/main to view requests.  Support for the Request tab when using non-ELFF formats will be added in a future CacheFlow release.

If you are unable to upgrade and need to view recent requests, you can view the requests via the following appliance URL:  https://<ip.address.of.cacheflow>:8082/accesslog/tail/main.

Blue Coat strongly recommends that you upgrade to CacheFlow or higher to obtain the Requests tab fix as well as the new features and fixes available in those releases.


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