WinSSO DC query fails on Windows 2008 machines due to disabled Computer Browser service

Solutions ID:    KB4406
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/04/2011
Updated:    08/19/2011

Problem Description

If BCAAA is installed on Windows 2008, the WinSSO DC query will fail to discover Win2k8 Domain Controllers because the Computer Browser service is disabled by default.


Apply BCAAA from, or or their later version.

BCAAA WINSSO DC query component replaces the NetServerEnum calls with DsGetDomainControllerInfo, it will not depend on NetBIOS Computer browser service, now it will be able to discover all DCs in the domain, and query DC for user logon session, acquires usernames and IP addresses.

Just install the new BCAAA as usual (see release note for details), double check the SSO.INI, and ensure the existing settings are stay the same.

About DsGetDomainControllerInfo:

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