A large VPM may cause the Java applet to hang and fails VPM installation

Solutions ID:    KB4414
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/19/2011
Updated:    10/17/2013

Problem Description

If you have a large VPM (approximately 90000 lines in its corresponding VPM-XML), policy installation may consume over 600mb of memory on your workstation. This may cause Java to hang and the installation to fail because Java Runtime Environment is allocated up to 256mb of memory by default.


Increase the memory for JRE to 1GB or more with the Runtime Parameters "-Xmx1024m" under Java Control Panel > Java tab > View > User tab > Runtime Parameters


This has been fixed in :



SGOS 6.3 and newer SG 6.x versions are not affected by this.

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