What is the file size of the PacketShaper boot log?

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Version:    1.0
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Published date:    06/07/2011

Problem Description

How many log lines can the boot log capture?


The boot log contains the booting states of the PacketShaper. It contains information on whether the PacketShaper has had a power outage, crash, manual reset, image revert, or has booted into safe mode.

Example of boot log output:

110606/215820 GMT  PacketWise v8.6.3g2 2010-11-10-
110606/215940 GMT  PacketWise v8.6.3g2 2010-11-10+
110606/220100 GMT  PacketWise v8.6.3g2 2010-11-10
110606/221034 GMT  PacketWise v8.6.3g2 2010-11-10SAFE-

The bootlog file is stored in 9.256/log/ directory.

PacketShaper can capture 50 log lines in the boot log file. Once it has reaches 50 log lines, the new reboot state will be added and the oldest log line will be discarded.

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