Using Director to take a sniffer trace ( PCAP) against a SG can sometimes hang Director

Solutions ID:    KB4435
Version:    4.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/09/2011
Updated:    09/15/2011

Problem Description

For large Packet captures, taken when you've loaded the SG Management Console through Director, the Director Management Console ( DMC) will hang.

If you attempt to take a Packet Capture mutliple times, it will hang as well.


To take a sniffer trace on your SG, using Director,  follow these steps.

  • Login to Director, using yoru admin account.
  • Click on the configure tab.
  • Right click on the SG of you choice.
  • Choose configure.
  • Once your SG Console has loaded, click on the Maintenance tab > Service informatoin, and then Packet captures.

Result: If you click on this multiple times the Director Management Console ( DMC) will hang.  For large Packet captures it will hang, as well.

NOTE: This issue has been fixed in by upgrading to the latest version of SGME- currently , and the latest version SGOS- in the 6.1X and 6.2.x branches.  ( you will need to login to to procure the SGME patch.)   If you see this issue, log a service request, and quote this article so we can provide you the link to the SGME version.

Notes on other articles:

For other troubleshooting tips on the Director appliance, see FAQ1007

For other troubleshooting tips on the Director Management Console ( DMC) see KB4260

For a detailed list of Command Line Interface ( CLI) driven commands, see KB4178

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