My ProxySG appliance is down. The Power LED is Amber and the HDD LEDs are green. What can I resolve this problem?

Solutions ID:    KB4463
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/30/2011

Problem Description

The ProxySG appliance does not boot or display any console output after powering on the appliance. The appliance front panel LEDs display following:

  • Power LED is Amber
  • HDD LED is Green



Before initiating an RMA, please try to rule out if it might be a disk issue by performing the following steps (this only applies to multi-disk systems):

The following is an example of a ProxySG appliance with 2 disks

  1. Remove disk 2 and attempt to boot the appliance using only disk 1. If the problem persists, please continue to step 2.
  2. Remove disk 1 and attempt to boot using only disk 2. If the problem persists, please contact Blue Coat Technical Support to initiate a RMA of the system.
  3. In the event that one of the above steps results in the ProxySG appliance coming back up, please contact Blue Coat Technical Support to initiate a RMA of the problematic disk.


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