How do I get a "clean" packet trace of an streaming application using Packetshaper for classification purposes.

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Problem Description

Your streaming media is not classifying accordingly and you want to packetcapture the application for troubleshooting purpouses



- Here's how to get a "clean" packet trace of an application using Packetshaper for classification purposes. The key here is to capture the packet trace while streaming content are being delivered through the  network.  Please indicate the type of content's that's being delivered eg,. flash, quicktime, winmedia........
1. On the PacketShaper, set up an address-based class for the client that will be generating the application traffic.
2. On the PacketShaper, confirm that discovery for this address based class is off.
3. On the PacketShaper, enable packetcapture for that class and turn packet logging on.
4. On the client, launch the application. Then, work through all the network functionality of those applications
    (e.g., pings, queries, chat, server access, etc.)
5. On the client, close the application.
6. On the PacketShaper, turn packetcapture off for that class.
7. On the PacketShaper, use FTP to transfer the file off the shaper.
You may want to repeat this 2-3 times because applications can use different variables as they start up.
Basically, you need to add the address-based class to packet capturing using the "packet add" command and start the packet capturing process.  Please run the following commands while capturing is occurring :
traffic flow -tupxICA     where is the IP address receiving the streaming content.

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