How to install a Visual Policy Manager (VPM) from a previous date

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Version:    1.0
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Published date:    07/18/2011

Problem Description

You want to install a VPM from a previous date.


Installing a Visual Policy Manager (VPM) from a previous date:

First go into the snapshots and find the sysinfo snapshot of choice. They are listed by date & time. https://x.x.x.x:8082/Diagnostics/Snapshot

Then download the snapshot. Once its downloaded open it with notepad and look for this the first line containing vpmapp. Once you found this line, delete all lines above it. Then search for the second occurrence of vpmapp. Once you found this second line, delete all lines below this. Now the contents your left with is just the VPM.  Make sure the top line includes vpmapp and the bottom line also includes vpmapp. Then copy the entire contents of this text into your clipboard.

Next, go into the Management Console:  Configure > Policy > Policy Files > Visual Policy Files [Tab]. In the drop-down box to the Right of Install VPM-XML from:  Choose the "Text Editor" option and then click the "Install" button.  The contents in here are the currently installed VPM.  Erase the entire contents of this file and replace it with the contents from the modified VPM.  Then click "Install".  Then open the Visual Policy Manager and you will see the newly installed VPM.

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