Unexpected ProxySG restart due to Page Fault 0x70 in Process "SSL-map Proprietor" in "crypto.dll"

Solutions ID:    KB4506
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/18/2011

Problem Description

The Minicontext in the System Information shows the following :

Minicontext produced on: 2011-05-31 08:16:40+00:00UTC
Minicontext version: 1.4
ProxySG Appliance: Version
Hardware exception code: 0xe
Software exception code: 0x0
Page fault linear address: 0x70
Process "SSL-map Proprietor" in "crypto.dll" at .text+0x32514
Register context:
  Link     CR3       EIP    EFLAGS    EAX      ECX       EDX     EBX
00000000 00000000 0266E514 00013246 00000070 00000000 00000001 0000000C
   ESP     EBP       ESI      EDI      ES       CS       SS       DS
C7DD2F14 C7DD2F34 000004D7 03608622 00000210 00000200 00000210 00000210
   FS      GS
00000210 00000210
Call Stack:
Module "cfssl.dll" at .text+0x109d9
Module "ssl_map.dll" at .text+0x2e0b
Module "ssl_map.dll" at .text+0x4cdb

The unexpected restart is due to defect B#161004 and affects up to the following SGOS versions
- 5.4.7
-  5.5.6

This bug does not affect SGOS :
- 6.1.2 and above
- 6.2.1 and above


This defect is planned to be addressed in SGOS 5.4.8 and SGOS 5.5.7

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