Some Web pages do not open when using the Radware LinkProof appliance.

Solutions ID:    KB4518
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/21/2011
Updated:    09/13/2012

Problem Description

Some web pages do not open properly in a network deployment using the Radware LinkProof to perform multilink load balancing and NAT. This issue occurs randomly, no matter the category, country, or the type of content involved.

However, if the user refreshes the web page or waits more than one minute, then it might open as intended.


This issue is caused by an unstable element in the Radware LinkProof NAT feature.

You can resolve the problem by replacing the Radware appliance or upgrading the OS version.

You can find the source of the problem by performing a packet capture in the ProxySG appliance as shown below:

  1. You will find many "TCP-Retransmission Get HTTP1.1" requests sent from ProxySG to the OCS when performing a PCAP in the ProxySG, as shown below:

  1. If you perform a PCAP at the outside of the NAT device (the Radware Linkproof), you will find similar TCP retransmission behavior, as shown below:


  1. As indicated above, the Radware LinkProof does not perform the NAT for all requests sent by the ProxySG appliance, but only some, and randomly.

As a result of this behavior, you must either replace the Radware LinkProof appliance or upgrade the OS version to resolve this problem.


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