get "Network Error" message from IE

Solutions ID:    KB4529
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/26/2011

Problem Description

When user try to access Internet, he will get a "Network Error" message from SG.

And it will cause SG cpu, CW and SW high, and even crash. After reboot SG, it's OK for a while, and then crash again.

This is very frequent in working hours. It's few in night.

The user is using RadwareAD to do the load balancing for two SGs. And user set the Proxy setting using VIP of RadwareAD in IE.

All traffic from SGs will pass through RadwareAD and then NATed to Internet.


This issue is caused by the incompatibility of SG persistent connection and RadwareAD Server-NAT.


So you can resolve this by doing one of the two things:

1, Change RadwareAD Server-NAT mode to Outbound-NAT mode.

2, Disable Http server side persistent connection in SG.


I prefer you to change the RadwareAD NAT mode, but not disable SG http persistent connection for better user experience.

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