What are the IP addresses used to connect via IPsec to the Threatpulse Cloud?

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Published date:    08/12/2011
Updated:    02/11/2014

Problem Description

What are the IP addresses used to connect via IPsec to the Threatpulse Cloud?
What is the IP address for the closest data pod?


Here is a list of IP addresses for the various data pods as of February 11, 2014.:

Location IP address(es)
Frankfurt, Germany*
Helsinki, Finland*
London, England*
Madrid, Spain**
Milan, Italy**
Oslo, Norway**
Paris, France*
Stockholm, Sweden*
Zurich, Switzerland**
Johannesburg, South Africa**
New York, NY*
Washington, DC*
Ashburn, Virginia*
Miami, Florida*
Chicago, Illinois*
Dallas, Texas*
Denver, Colorado**
Seattle, Washington*
Sunnyvale, California*
Mexico City, Mexico*
Montreal, Canada*
Toronto, Canada**
Sao Paulo, Brazil*
Buenos Aires, Argentina**
Hong Kong**
Tokyo, Japan*

Seoul, South Korea*
New Zealand*
Mumbai, India*

*Site has multiple data pods behind a load balancer.
** Site has a single data pod and does not have a load balancer.
*** Site has NO load balancer.  IP addresses are for the individual pods.

Please note that Blue Coat recommends that you should have at least two backup tunnels configured, with at least one tunnel to a geographically different pod.

Examples:  If your primary pod is London, you may want to make backup tunnels to Frankfurt and Paris.  If your primary pod is Chicago, you may want to make a backup to Washington and Miami.

If you want a list of the egress IP addresses, please see KB4583.

For a list of WebPulse IPs, please see KB3381

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