Unit wont boot, no serial console access,

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Version:    1.0
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Published date:    09/02/2011

Problem Description

It is possible that a SG 600, 900, 9000, CF5000 can have a single drive failure causing the box to hang and become inaccesible via serial console.  Without the Diagnostics, it is difficult to determine the cause of the problem.  A feature we can take advantage of is booting to Diagnostics without any drives and testing the rest of the system.  This will minimize the number of full unit RMAs that have no serial access due to single drive failure.




1. Power unit down

2. Pull drives out or in case of 600 open top cover and disconnect drive

3. Power up unit and invoke diagnostics

4. Run Diagnostics, if no issues are found on the unit, then proceed to step 5. If issues are found with components, RMA accordingly.

5. If no issues are found by running diagnostic then insert a drive back into unit and boot up.  If unit boots, check event log for any drive errors. If unit does not boot, you may have found the faulty HDD. Verify by placing a different drive in unit and boot. If unit boots off first drive inserted, continue to step 6.

6. Insert other drives back in unit one at a time  and check for errors upon insertion, LED warnings, Event logs etc.

7. If you find drive that is causing issue, verify by swapping the drive with another slot to make sure slot is not root cause.

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