Does Reporter support unicode ( UTF-8) in usernames, or groups, it finds in LDAP?

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Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    09/07/2011
Updated:    09/08/2011

Problem Description

What version of Reporter 9.x, supports unicode in the LDAP protocol?

I've just upgraded my Reporter to version 9.2.x, and I can no longer login if my LDAP usernames include unicode ( double byte / UTF-8 ) characters. 

I cannot log in to Reporter using a LDAP username if it is a member of a group name that uses Cyrillic names (font and type)


NOTE: This problem is now fixed in Reporter versions, 9.3.x and above.

To duplicate this issue, follow these steps:

  • Install Reporter, and connect it, via LDAP, to a AD tree.
  • On the AD server, add Russian input language in Windows and create a group with Russian symbols in it, and a group with only English symbols.
  • Create two users, and add each to the above groups.
  • Test to see if you can login to reporter by both usernames.

Result: You cannot login to a user who is a member of the group named with Russion symbols, using Cyrillic names (font and type).
You will  see this type of message in the journal:
BCRJ:2010-06-03 10:06:51 (4c07548b) NOR.INFO.WEBSE
   PostAuth => Attempted non-existent user: a.rybinsky


NOTE: Reporter will still be unable to properly process double byte created usernames found in the acess logs it processes. This specific issue has been reported to Bluecoat engineering, and they are working on a response.  For more information on this issue, please see FAQ1261

Links to other articles:

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For details on  what each LDAP attribute means, see KB3560

For details on what type of usernames you can process in a acess log, see KB3570

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