traceroute6 command may cause the ProxySG to restart

Solutions ID:    KB4643
Version:    4.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    09/24/2011
Updated:    11/13/2013

Problem Description

ProxySG restarts on traceroute6 for non-reachable hostnames


1. Do not traceroute6 to a hostname that does not contain an IPv6 address
2. Do not traceroute6 to an invalid IPv6 address


The restart occurs due to DNS resolution failure. In this case, for a host that does not have an IPv6 address, the DNS resolution returns a NULL pointer, which is then deferenced.

This is B#161610 and has been fixed in :


- SGOS and newer SG 5.5.x versions


SGOS 6.x is not affected by this.

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