Allowing only specific videos from Vimeo

Solutions ID:    KB4745
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/11/2011

Problem Description

You would like to restrict access to Vimeo to certain videos only.


This solution works for both direct viewing and embedded videos.


url.domain=// allow
url.substring=27474438 allow
url.domain=// deny


define condition
end condition

define condition vimeo_moogaloop
 url.scheme="http""" url.path.substring="moogaloop"
end condition vimeo_moogaloop

define condition vimeo_playerURL""
end condition vimeo_playerURL

define condition vimeo_ID27474438
end condition vimeo_ID27474438

• CPL takes priority over VPM so if vimeo is blocked/used/configured for other users within VPM, use the VPM solution.
• The second entry in the CPL code and the last entry in the VPM section provides an example of a video ID. Replace with the ID’s of the videos you would like to allow. The ID can be obtained from the URL in vimeo. Example:

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