SSL server handshake failure" 0 310000:1 ../ssl_proxy/sslproxy_worker.cpp:3042

Solutions ID:    KB4778
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/30/2011

Problem Description

Getting a lot of ssl server handshake errors


A good way of finding what is causing this is in the active sessions (management gui > statistics > sessions > errored sessions). In this case we can see google talk is causing this: - - - REQMOD: inactive RESPMOD: inactive 20 sec 176 0 n/a - - - P BM (D) Explicit HTTP SSL SSL(error) : "Missing SSL server certificate"    0 sec


Google talk will by default try to connect over port 443. It is an application. The site does not provide a server certificate, which is required for the ssl proxy to work.

Any site which does not provide a certificate will result in this error. You will need to bypass the ssl proxy for this site.



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