I cannot uninstall the Mac ThreatPulse Client Connector

Solutions ID:    KB4817
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    12/13/2011
Updated:    12/13/2011

Problem Description

I tried to remove the ThreatPulse Client Connector from my Mac running OS X by deleting the application from my Applications folder, but it is still running and I can not remove it.


Once the client connector is running, removing it from the Applications folder will not uninstall it.  You must follow these steps to remove it:

1. Find the ThreatPulse Client Connector installer and right-click on it.

2. Select "Show Package Contents" from the context menu

3. Go into the "Contents" folder and unzip ""

4. In the resulting "cc-files" directory, run the application "cloud-client uninstaller"

NOTE: In order to uninstall the client when a password has been specified during install you will need to type the following from a terminal.  In this example, we will assume that the cc-files directory were unzipped to the current user's Downloads directory. 

open /Users/<user name>/Downloads/cc-files/ --args -sup <password that was used during install>

5. Follow on-screen prompts to enter administrator password and run the uninstaller.


For reference, please see FAQ1703 for information on how to uninstall the client connector from within the Mac OS-X UI.  If you installed the client with a password, the client will need to be uninstalled from the command line interface or terminal window.

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