How do you add to the list of Search Engines Reporter uses?

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Published date:    12/13/2011
Updated:    01/16/2012

Problem Description

With the advent of versions 9.2x, and above, Bluecoat included a feature that allows you run reports on what search terms are being used. How do you add a new search engine to this list?

What Search Engines are included in Reporter, by default?


By default, Reporter will manifest reports on these popular search engines:

  • google
  • ask
  • bing
  • baidu

To run a report that shows you the search terms, follow these steps:

  • Login to the reporter with a user id that has rights to the database in question.
  • Navigate to the reports tab.
  • In the User behaviour group, click on the Web Searches report.
  • TIP: On most reports you can also include a search term as a filter, using the "Report Options" feature.

Result: This report shows the search terms, their page views, and the browse time on each website. 

To add another search engine to the default list, follow these steps.

NOTE: In the below example we have used the popular Russian search engine-

  • Stop the Reporter service or daemon.
  • Navigate through the file system to the settings folder.
    • In Linux, it would be /opt/bcreporter/reporter/settings
    • In Microsoft Windows, it would be <installed drive>Program Files/Bluecoat Reporter 9/settings
  • Using your preferred text editor, open up the file called parser.cfg, and append this text to the end of the search engine list, replacing the search engine name with "yandex".
  • TIP: On a default list, it would be below the baidu search engine statements.

yandex = {
      host = "yandex"
      query_param = "text"
    } # yandex

  • TIP: The label-  query_param - is the search parameter, or query string.
  • Start the reporter service.

Result: All new access logs processed from now will show data on this new Search Engine.

TIP: The above instructions only work when the category of the report filter  is "Search Engines/Portals

Links to other articles:

For more information on what defines a  search engine 'query string', see WIKI LINK

For details on why you may not see the search report on a upgraded database, see KB3786

For details on a reason why you can't see the search reports at all, see FAQ835

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