Using a overlay file with WCCP settings fails to refresh

Solutions ID:    KB4831
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    12/19/2011

Problem Description

Using an Overlay file with WCCP settings fails to send when refreshed.


Steps to duplicate:

  • Login to your Director Management Console (DMC) with your admin account.
  • Create an overlay file with these  Command Line Interface (CLI) commands:

inline wccp-settings end-496823853-inline
wccp enable
wccp version 1
service-group web-cache
router-affinity client
interface 0:0

  • Push these settings out to a device.
  • Edit the overlay, select the same device, and press the ok button.
  • Then refresh the overlay.

Result1: The overlay is not refreshed.

Workaround: Remove this line in the CLI

router-affinity client

Result2: The overlay is now refreshable.

This issue has been reported to Bluecoat engineering. Please log a SR, and quote this article for more information.

Links to other articles:

For details on how to create overlay files, see KB4322

For details on what other CLI command s are available, see KB4178

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