CLOUD Java error returned when using "is between" in a forensic report

Solutions ID:    KB4835
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    12/20/2011

Problem Description

Unable to run a report that contains "is between" as one of the parameters
Java error when running a report in the Cloud that uses "is between" two parameters
Java error when running a report that uses "is not between" as the parameters.


The problem has been reported to engineering.  As of this writing, the current version of Threatpulse is 2.0 hotfix 3.  The issue manifests itself in that version.  For Cloud 3.0 (if and when Cloud 3.0 becomes available), the ability to run a report using "is between" will be removed.  The ability to search using the "is between" parameter may be included in a future Cloud release.

To work around the issue, please do not use the "is between" or "is not between" options.


1.)  Log into the ThreatPulse Portal (
2.)  Go to the Overview Tab
3.)  Go to Report Center
4.)  Click Forensic Report
5.)  Choose a user
6.)  Date is current week
7.)  Run the report
8.)  Click "Options"
9.)  Choose "Report"
10.)  Add Criteria
11.)  Choose "Hour of Day" and "is between"
12.)  Try to run the report and the report will not run.  Java errors may be manifest at this time.


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