Role-based Access for Managers Viewing Direct Report Data

Solutions ID:    KB4849
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/05/2012
Updated:    08/02/2012

Problem Description

How can I generate a web browsing activity log for employees who report to a specific manager?


Reporter enables administrators to grant specific users, such as managers, access to data about the employees who report to that user. Consider the following use case.


Step 1: Create a new role. (e.g. ManagerDirectReport). Select a database name and fields that allow access from this role, such as Site, Verdict and etc.

Step 2: Under filter,  click Add Criteria and set the filter condition: user, reports to, -CURRENT USER- as example below.

Note: CURRENT USER refers to ALL managers who login to Reporter. 

Step 3: Create a new LDAP group and select the group that is configured on AD server to be authenticated with Reporter server. Find the group name from the list of Available Groups as an example below.  


 Step 4: Assign the ManagerDirectReport role to the LDAP group. Click Done.

For more information, refer to the related KB article about 'Reports To' feature, at KB3683.

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