How do I enlarge or grow the /sglogs volume on my Reporter Virtual Appliance

Solutions ID:    KB4855
Version:    7.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/10/2012
Updated:    01/18/2012

Problem Description

You have installed virtual reporter and have placed your logs in /sglogs. You have found that you ran out of space on that volume and require additional resources there. It is possible to enlarge or grow this volume on the fly.


By default the virtual appliance gives you 5GB of storage in /sglogs for storing your raw logs. Often times this is not enough and you will need to enlarge the file system to accommodate more data.

This procedure assumes that you created a virtual disk in your virtual server with enough extra space to accommodate a larger volume for /sglogs. If you are unsure how big your virtual disk is please check your virtual server configuration. Alternatively you may use the linux command "fdisk -l" to see how much space the operating system sees.


Please access your reporter virtual appliance using ssh and login as root. These commands require root access. These commands assume you have a stock installation of reporter and it has not been modified since installation.

Step 1: Unmount the /sglogs file system:

#umount /sglogs
Step 2: Extend the file system:
TIP: This command checks the file system for you. For more info, see wiki_site
#e2fsck –f /dev/mapper/system_vg-sglogs_vol
#lvextend –L +20G –r /dev/mapper/system_vg-sglogs_vol /dev/sda2
TIP: This command extends the volume. The argument "-L+20G"  will extend the logical volume 20Gig please modify the -L command to size your volume to meet your needs.
Step 3: Remount the file system:
#mount /sglogs
Step 4: Confirm the new size:
#df –h
You will find that when you run the df command that the available space on the file system grew by the amount you specificed in the -L option to lvextend command.

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