invalid url popup when adding urls to request url category object in vpm

Solutions ID:    KB4860
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/12/2012

Problem Description

After upgrade to 6.2.x certain strings cannot be added to request url category object in vpm. This worked perfectly well in 5.x.

The following are known to generate the invalid url popup:

1) url containing  "¬" character

2) url containing "§" character

3) url containing ""\\\\"

4) url starting with "id="

5) url starting with "ref="

6) url starting with "PHPSESSID="

7) url containing "/…/"


Fix will be in The fix will mean that 6.x behaves  in same way as 5.x so removing the invalid url popup. Current workaround is to remove the strings causing the invalid url.

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