IWA Direct Authentication cannot be added to Authentication Sequence Realm

Solutions ID:    KB4888
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/25/2012

Problem Description

IWA Direct (on-box) Authentication cannot currently be added to a Sequence Realm.

Some customers may use an Authentication Sequence Realm in order to assist in migrating users from one Authentication realm to another (for example from LDAP to IWA Direct).  There is currently a known issue in SGOS, whereby IWA Direct cannot be added to the realm, error message is:

"The realm specified is not a valid member of a realm sequence"


This issue is targeted to be fixed in SGOS 6.3.3. (no current target release date), under Bug ID 172478


For more information on Sequence Realms please see the following KB Article:

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