PacketShaper introduces click noise every five seconds into audio line with VoIP

Solutions ID:    KB4891
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/27/2012

Problem Description

When using VoIP conenctions through PacketShaper you hear a click noise every 5 seconds. This is not present when shaping is switched off.


The PacketShaper sends latency probes every 5 seconds by default. Latency probe is used for VoIP latency calculation.  It can be disabled or adjusted in the Legacy UI under:


Setup -> system variables -> VoIP Metrics


Disabling this does not effect the voice quality.  Alternatively, you can run the command below to have Packetshaper discard the latency probe sent by other Packetshapers for latency calculation, so it won't be forwarded to the end host. The command is:


sys set latencyprobediscard 1



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