Heartbeat function is not working on my unit.

Solutions ID:    KB4899
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/28/2012

Problem Description

 Blue Coat Support asked me to enable the Heartbeat function on my unit.  I followed the instructions but I could not get it to work.


 The HeartBeat function provides Blue Coat Support with detailed information on your unit and how it is performing.  

If you followed the procedure to enable the HeartBeat feature and it still is not working, please check the following settings. 


1. Make sure the PacketShaper has DNS setup correctly.  The DNS server that the shaper is pointing to must be able to resolve outside DNS names.

You can check to see if the Shaper is able to querry for the correct outside webserver by opening a CLI command and typing: 


PacketShaper# dns lookup

Usage: dns lookup <hostname>

The PacketShaper must be able to querry correctly  

2.  If you have a firewall, the following ports must be allowed through for the PacketShaper.  

HTTP port 80,  HTTPs port 443, and DNS port 53.  
3. Check to make sure the PacketShaper is pointing to the correct gateway.  The Shaper should be able to reach servers on the internet.  
4. The PacketShapers outside port should be set to either "unsecured" or if "secured" should have the HeartBeat servers IP address which is 


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