Cloud fails to receive HTTPS traffic on port 8443 in a proxy forward configuration

Solutions ID:    KB4913
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/08/2012

Problem Description

The Cloud is accepting connections and traffic to port 8080
Traffic to port 8443 fails to connect
A ProxySG is forwarding traffic into the Cloud



The wrong access method was selected for the network location.  Instead of selecting Proxy Forwarding, Explicit Proxy was selected.  The explicit proxy setting allows port 8080 to be opened for that network location, but not port 8443.  To rectify the problem, change the network location type from explicit proxy to proxy forwarding.  Please do the following steps:

1.)  Login to the portal (
2.)  Go to Service > Network > Locations
3.)  Select the Location name.  Verify that it is configured to use Explicit Proxy under the access method column.
4.)  Click on Edit and change from explicit proxy to proxy forwarding.  Save your changes


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